Order & Pay App

Greene King

Greene King wanted to push their new app to their primary target market through social media. For us to tailor the concepts to this need, we created basic user profiles to help identify and represent the primary market for Greene King pubs across the UK. This helped us shape the style of the content we created to perform optimally.

We delivered multiple different concepts to Greene King, with different ways to show off their Order and Pay app. The concepts were created to engage the target audience, specifically on Facebook. The chosen concept that we went forward with for the project was titled “App Magic”. It was a snappy, dramatic way to get across the function of the app, with some eye catching editing. We built up detailed storyboards and shot lists from there to give Greene King a visual representation of what we proposed doing, and how we were going to be doing it.


Increase the amount of app downloads across the UK through the use of social media.


Show the app working in a smooth, clever way to attract new users.


An increase in downloads of over 80%.

Our pre-production plan was extremely important for this project. We needed to shoot the same scene multiple times in different ways so later in the editing phase, we could layer the different scenes on top of each other to create the ‘magic’ effect we were going for.

The editing process was complex, involving outlining different parts in the scene on every frame (25 times for every second) and then animating those outlines. It was a rewarding process because we were able to see in real time the effect being created, and how effective it was.

The Result

We delivered the video and it was posted on all of the Hungry Horse pubs individual Facebook pages. Without any paid promotion, Greene King reported over one million organic views, engagement was quickly shown through multiple shares. It also proved to be the perfect solution for Greene King’s problem, helping to increase the app downloads by 80% month on month on Android, and 70% on iOS (with downloads now at a 2000% increase).