Office Opening


WargamingUK celebrated their official office opening with a Game Jam and a party. We walked around all of the different areas of the new office, capturing the event in its most raw and true form, to really show what it was like.

We did two edit’s, a sizzle cut (short, social media friendly) and a long form one, which went into more detail on the day, and included a lot more content (such as the speeches shown in the video), but it isn’t as social media friendly.


Show the office opening event in a dynamic and interesting way to encourage people to work there.


Capture the event and create two separate edits to show the various aspects of the office and company.


Well received by client and used across a variety of channels to showcase the studio.

Wargaming wanted to develop this video for internal use to show other existing Wargaming studios the new culture in the UK based team. This helped us shape the concepts of how we would go about capturing this new culture from the very beginning.

We discussed with the UK studios marketing team how best to go about capturing the event with all of the different parts of the event going on (live music, speeches, game judging). It was key that we highlighted the new culture for the client, so we started to plan for a quick, snappy edit with upbeat music from the very beginning.

During the editing phase we had already decided on a faster paced edit with upbeat music, so the footage that we captured worked perfectly for what we needed it to do. We colour corrected the footage to be bright and friendly, to reflect the new culture of the studio throughout the whole project.

The Result

Both edits were well received by Wargaming HR and studio management and was used across a variety of internal channels to showcase the culture of the new studio.

Creative young filmmakers who really get tone and style
– Keith Anderon, Publishing Director