Covid 19 Safety

2020 was a challenging year for most companies. The global pandemic has made businesses have to adapt to change and they needed to do it quickly. Brands still need video content, now more than ever to stay on top of the market. That’s why we introduced COVID safe sets. 

This means we are limiting our crew sizes, wearing full protective equipment, sanitizing all of our camera equipment regularly and maintaining a safe distance throughout the shoot. We make sure the space we are filming in is large enough to allow distancing, and we map out how many people will be where throughout the day to keep the risk of exposure low. 

Longer lenses, boom poles, Covid Risk Assessments are also things we are now actively using on all shoots to make sure we are a safe as possible

We are doing this for all shoots, whether your shoot is a single one off video or a multifaceted campaign. We are here to make sure whatever avenue you choose, you get the same cinematic quality we promise, while also staying as safe as possible.

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